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Welcome to the Venus plastic surgery Combos and Offers page. On this site you will find the best cosmetic surgery deals in South Florida every month. Our specials offer you the opportunity to combine procedures, combine dates and make your budget work optimally.



Show off your confidence, not your wrinkles.

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Come back to twenty this SEPTEMBER with Venus Cosmetic Surgery.

Venus Cosmetic Surgery is a Clinic and Spa Center located in Doral. We offer a complete line of anti-aging services 100% guaranteed by more than 20 years of experience.🌹🌹🌹

Schedule your appointment today with a specialist and get the best results for your money!

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Venus Cosmetic Surgery

Get the Best Procedure for your Money!

Reserve your appointment today starting at only $ 250.00 and have up to one year for your surgery. Although I do not know how you are going to wait that long to show off your new you. We have the best team of surgeons in the city of Miami that can help you achieve your dream body!

Book your procedure today and Get:

-02 Night in the Hotel.
-01 Surgical Garment.
-01 Therapy Massage.
-01 Medical Compression Stockings.


Five Star accommodation – FREE

Venus Plastic Surgery Miami
Venus Cosmetic Surgery

Get more for your money in your cosmetic surgery treatment TODAY!

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