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Venus Plastic Surgery is a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic located in Miami specializing in beauty and the female body. We have a team of specialists with more than twenty years of uninterrupted experience, with a high standard of satisfaction for our clients. Miami is considered the Capital of Cosmetic Surgery of America due to the high number of procedures that are performed each year.

Venus Cosmetic Surgery

Our team of Certified Surgeons led by Dr. Ramirez has an impeccable trajectory of more than 20 years, guaranteeing the safety and satisfaction of our patients. At Venus Plastic Surgery we promote high professional, ethical, and quality standards, prioritizing patient safety during their stay in our accredited surgical facilities, before, during and after the procedure.

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Venus Cosmetic Surgery

Welcome to Venus PLASTIC Surgery

The Venus Plastic Surgery team welcomes you and offers you our support so that you can achieve your dream of the ideal body. The big changes in your life can involve psychological changes and changes in your daily habits so that you can look and feel truly spectacular. Each of our patients is different, with a different type of beauty and a different goal in mind. Put yourself in the right hands and trust the aesthetic vision of our specialists..

Throughout these twenty years we have learned to see the inner beauty in each woman and we have specialized in building the step-by-step route through which you can generate a great change in your life.

Join our family of satisfied and fulfilled patients who accepted the challenge of their new life, thanks to a physical, mental and emotional change. Our patients found that ideal beauty represented by the proportions and firmness of a female body. 

Venus Cosmetic Surgery

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